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Cumbria’s South Lakeland district contains Ulverston as a town and civil parish. 2011 saw an increase of 11678 from 11,524 residents that were recorded in 2001. Ulverston became a market town in 1280 when Edward I granted it a Royal Charter, an event commemorated each September with the Charter Festival. In 1796, the town grew into a thriving maritime centre. In the middle ages, the town was known as the “farmstead of the wolf army,” named for its Saxon and Viking heritage. Ulverston, a bustling market town, has a plethora of attractions. A twenty-minute drive will take you to Coniston and Windermere, and scenic villages like Hawkshead, Bowness, and Ambleside are also close by. Architecturally, the town is dominated by Georgian architecture, and the main street is flanked by attractive buildings on either side.

This town is also populated with a number of local businesses, a variety of them. From the beauty salons in Fallowfield Avenue, electrical stores in Haverthwaite to the Farmers Arms in Market Street. These businesses not only need customers to keep them running, but they also need commercial waste management. Here at Waste Management, we have all the tools and expertise to manage your commercial waste. You can reach us on 01229 520 170. 


Commercial Waste Collection Ulverston

We can assist you with your waste collection needs whether you are a private company, a local business, or a public organisation in Ulverston. Our knowledgeable staff are experts in waste management and collection, and we can provide you with services that will help you save money over time while ensuring that your waste is handled in an environmentally friendly manner. With a thriving arts scene and annual festivals, Ulverston is known as the festival town of South Lakeland. Festivals and concerts are held in the Coronation Hall every year. There are many respected festivals hosted in this area, including the Flag Festival, Retro Rendezvous, Carnival Day, and Fine Fest. In November, the town hosts the Dickensian Festival, which is the city’s most famous festival. 

These festivals are the biggest draw to people and hence produce a large amount of waste. Different kinds of wastes can range from aluminium cans, plastic bottles, plastic wrappers, to paper waste. As a waste disposal company, we work with a variety of clients, such as hospitals, small businesses, and schools. Waste management is one of our core services, so customers can rely on us for a comprehensive and professional service. Call us today if you’re looking for a highly professional and environmentally conscious waste collection and management company. Call us today if you’re looking for a highly professional and environmentally conscious waste collection and management company.


Commercial Waste Disposal Ulverston

For businesses and organizations dealing with a great deal of pressing issues, keeping up with the latest waste regulations can be challenging. Consequently, our consulting services are highly valued by our clients. Our waste management teams continually track pending legislation to make sure that if a change affects our clients, they are aware of it and understand what, if any, changes they must make as a result. Our heavy-duty trucks and muscle strength allow us to handle any waste you need to be removed from your property quickly after events or other commercial services. Additionally, our solutions are quick, easy, and inexpensive!

With only one recycling centre on Morecambe Road focusing on household waste, commercial waste disposal for businesses becomes entirely dependent on the company’s resources. The services we offer at Waste Management go beyond merely disposing of waste. Depending on how much waste your company generates, we will recommend waste containers of the right size. This also determines how frequently your business generates waste, whether that is daily, weekly, monthly, or fortnightly.

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