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Dentist Clinical Waste disposal and hazardous waste management Barrow-in-Furness

Unsure what to do with your sharps bins or poisonous dental amalgam waste?  Waste company can help!   Waste company offers personalised clinical waste disposal alternatives that appeal to every size of dental centre across the UK.  All solutions are designed to optimally manage clinical waste flows in the most effective and cost-effective manner; leading-edge safety containment systems for the reduction of sharps injuries, clinical education to drive effective waste segregation, and waste containment that upholds the greatest standards of safety in point-of-use disposal.  We also have a superb understanding of the various dental special waste which is produced such as amalgam and sludge, with services and containers designed to maintain compliance and prioritize safety.  


With global recognition for its most powerful clinically engineered sharps containers, clinical and pharmaceutical waste systems, our waste management alternatives are time-proven to achieve the greatest standards of safety, environmental sustainability and disease control hazard reduction.  During our 30  years of experience in healthcare, and comprehensive education and compliance supplies, waste company ensures your staff are shielded and your facility’s risk exposure is a partner, we are committed to leveraging our business expertise to help you improve your waste management results – driving enhanced safety practices, teaching employees on needle stick injury protocol, and driving more effective waste segregation to ensure that your prices, risk and environmental impact is minimised. Call 01229 520 170 to request a quotation  


Clinical Waste Management Barrow-in-Furness


Waste company clinically created alternatives, impressive service infrastructure, broad range of health waste containers and the ability to customise scheduling, compliance services and training to every facility we work with, make waste company the ideal companion for wellness clinics for the management of their medical waste streams and sharps disposal.  Our solutions are designed to optimally manage all healthcare waste disposal in a very efficient and cost effective manner, providing the most powerful containment methods for the reduction of sharps injuries, and also the many innovative solutions for waste reduction and minimum patient disturbance.  


Why Choose Waste Company in Barrow-in-Furness


We’re not your average clinical waste management firm.  We’re dedicated to total waste management — with our audit smart kpi management system, we give regular audits to drive segregation efficacy with photographic dissemination.  Through these processes we can ensure not only waste reduction but stronger segregation driving a decrease in carbon footprint.  With peer reviewed recognition for getting the most powerful clinically engineered sharps and clinical waste containers in the United Kingdom, waste company alternatives are time-proven to attain the greatest standards of safety, environmental sustainability and disease control hazard reduction.  Through our 30  years of experience in health care, and comprehensive education and compliance solutions, Waste company ensures you’ve got a transparent cost-partnership, your employees are shielded and your facility’s risk exposure is minimised.


Hospital Waste Management Barrow-in-Furness


Our solutions for hospitals have walked thousands of hospital wards, consulted with hundreds of hospitals and health care centers, and placed some fairly high clinical and security benchmarks for others to follow….   Launched in 1986 we set our sights on global needlestick injury reduction; this has been the center of our fire, and whilst we’ve evolved to become one of the most prominent global brands in health care waste management, security is still our driving passion. Fast forward 30  years later and we’re pleased to call ourselves a partner to health care — delivering security, sustainability and efficiency transformation outcomes throughout every business of sharps and clinical waste management.  We started as the “little yellow sharps container” firm, also we’re fairly proud of this!  But now we’re also quite humbled by the fact that the uk healthcare business has helped us develop into a prominent voice and sway into clinically-driven total health care waste we’re pleased to work with some of the uk’s top nhs trusts and private hospitals, driving waste optimisation and sustainability initiatives at a medical level.  Our expertise is focused on clinically trained staff, staff and optimization security, and a focus on executing operationally to make sure that we drive consistent and dependable service throughout each facet of total waste management.


Nursing Care Homes Waste Management Barrow-in-Furness


Looking for one seller to handle all health care waste streams? With more than 30years of clinical experience serving senior living communities and care homes, waste company is focused on providing sharps, pharmaceutical and clinical waste solutions which make sense from all of standpoints of safety, sustainability, cost effectiveness and efficacy.  We are filled with character and adore the customer-service side of that which we do!ultimately we attempt to reach invisibility — invisibility of clinical waste proceeding through your facility, seamlessness of service with minimal patient interruptions, and alternatives which are easy to use and hassle free so that you can focus 100 percent to those in your care.

Using a national service infrastructure, Waste company are business specialists from the regulatory compliance and governance of collecting, transporting and handling all healthcare waste streams including sharps, clinical, cytotoxic and pharmaceutical waste.  At a primary care-based facility, we are aware that the demand for waste solutions and services which minimise, rather than disrupt, the continuum of care; our distinctive point of difference is that we work inside the four walls of a facility to drive price, safety and environmental outcomes – there’s no point getting involved while the waste gets into the collection stage, the harm is already done.  Offering tailored education and compliance expertise, clinical training in waste segregation and safe disposal, and waste audits to monitor segregation adoption – we partner with our clients to provide waste minimisation and cost saving outcomes in a site level.  We don’t just deliver a clinical waste service, we provide a clinical treatment that radically optimises the safety, labour, cost efficiencies and green evaluations of your center.

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