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It’s not  surprising really – the storage area in contemporary houses is nominal, and there’s that large empty space in the garage, just waiting to be filled.  The exact same poll also revealed that one in ten householders said they would likely never  get around to clearing out their garage, as it had been too much of a problem.   We are here to enable you to reclaim your garage as a  helpful space both for your car and your other helpful tools and machines, by  getting rid of all of the junk, bulky waste and unwanted furniture to you, at  reasonable rates.


We’re a uk-wide network of garage garbage clearance experts who can come  at a time to suit you, load up and remove all of the unwanted stuff from  your own garage.  Our teams will guarantee that whatever you need removing gets  removed, then clear up so that you aren’t left with a  mess.  You can be confident that each item our waste carriers eliminate will be  handled correctly and will end up in the right place — if that will be  reused, refurbished, recycled or (for a very small proportion of items) sent  to landfill.  1 thing you can be sure of: our teams always dispose of stuff  properly, it won’t ever become fly-tipping or being thrown somewhere.


What would you want us to load & eliminate?


Earlier our teams arrive to clean out your garage, there are a few tasks that will make  the job simpler and quicker.

To start with, we want you to decide just what you need our teams to eliminate, and  what they should leave behind.  This is a significant thing — the last thing  anybody would like to take place is to our teams to load up and eliminate something which you appreciate.

If  it’s an entire garage clearance (i.e. leave the garage completely empty), then let’s and we can proceed to eliminate all of the materials, such as racking and  fittings if required.  If you just want certain items eliminated, we’ll need one to indicate what is to be removed and what is not, rather by segregating the undesirable stuff, or clearly marking up the items that are to  remain.  When you’ve completed this, there’s absolutely no need to be present while elimination proceeds, our teams can be safely left to get on with the job.


There  are a number of materials that our teams are unable to handle either under the terms  of their insurance, or because of health and safety concerns.  Included in these are toxic  materials (e.g. asbestos, weed killer), flammable materials (e.g. gas,  diesel, butane, propane) or anything that could present a biohazard (e.g.  creature or human waste).  If you guess you might have some of these present,  please allow our teams to understand.


What type of things can we remove?


Our  waste carriers can eliminate more or less anything that would normally be found  at a national garage, which is a remarkably broad range of objects,  contemplating what people collect over time.   They’re all independent waste removal companies, as well as a  state of network membership, we request that they hold relevant environmental registrations  and insurance.  This is to make sure that although you’ll be dealing with a  small, local business, that there’s a consistency of standards of performance across the whole network.  Wherever you are in the uk, you’ll get the finest potential rubbish removal services at the best possible rates.

 Registration  with the environment agency is required in order to handle various kinds of waste  and rubbish, and there may be local conditions on waste handling and  disposal.  We carry important insurance (public and employee liability for  example) to your (and their own) protection in case something should go wrong.   We feel that local knowledge is one of the significant benefits of our approach to  rubbish removal — local teams working within a national network.


What will happen to my stuff?


Whichever  waste carrier you decide to use, they will turn up punctually at the specified time, with a suitable vehicle (van or automobile depending on the size of the job),  load up and move.  All the things they load up will be assessed under several standards:

anything  that can be immediately put into use, or can be refurbished for re-use  will be separated out.  Whatever may ‘it be reused but can be recycled will  be fed into the appropriate recycling stream at an official waste disposal  site.   we are rightly proud of our  record of preventing material going to landfill unnecessarily — 90% of items  are re-used or recycled.


Man and Van Services


‘man with a van’ is better & cheaper than a dumpster, our  man & van crap removal services are more suitable and can work out  cheaper than hiring a skip.  To begin with, the staff will do all of the hard work and  heavy lifting for you — should you hire a skip you’ll need to fill yourself.  A  skip has to be parked somewhere, you need to wait for it to be delivered and  then collected again, and you might need a permit if it’s parked at the street.  A  team of junk removal specialists will turn up whenever it is suitable for you,  they simply need somewhere to park their vehicle while it’s being loaded up, then it will be gone along with all the annoying goods and materials.  A skip  costs a fixed fee irrespective of how much stuff gets put into it, whereas a person with a van through waste company only fees for the amount they load up and eliminate — it can be more cost-effective than skip hire fees.


You  can see it makes sense to bring within our team of rubbish clearance  experts next time you want a complete or partial garage clearance.  We will allow it to be simple and effortless for you to reclaim your valuable garage  space, at the very best prices guaranteed.

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