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How it Works For Agencies Barrow-in-Furness

Homeowners, letting agencies, and commercial real estate owners and managers looking for reputable waste carriers in the united kingdom request estimates from our website.  We engage in marketing on the behalf of waste carriers which contributes to tens of thousands of leads every year.


These quote requests are leads, together with each lead acting as a possible job opportunity that you supply to the new customer.  All you have to do is to reply with a reasonable estimate and win the job.


You’ll only find leads for house clearance and trash removal jobs that are aligned with your subject of expertise and within your area of operations.  You won’t receive irrelevant leads outside of your location or area of expertise.  members must register and sign in to waste company to access their leads.


For this reason, we must screen all waste carriers to ensure that they are registered with the environment agency and are licensed waste carriers in the UK.  These qualifications are necessary in order for us to reassure customers that our member waste carriers are legitimate and reputable.


Here’s what it costs

Membership costs only 295 per year, which includes vat.  


access thousands of leads each month and build your online presence.  sign up today!


We are your online marketing team


Rubbish removal businesses have traditionally used online directories such as yell or a website to get noticed, which is a passive marketing approach that can bring in organic traffic and leads.  maintaining an up-to-date web page or directory listing can be costly and time-consuming, which is why Waste company seek to change all of that.


We make the entire process easy and hassle-free so you can keep providing value to customers rather than updating your website or keeping up to date with rapidly-changing search engine optimisation (seo) strategies.


Our approach is to employ modern seo strategies so that our website ranks high in search engines such as google and bing.  homeowners and business owners looking for quality rubbish removal near them find us through common keywords and phrases typed into the search bar.


We have developed an online presence that attracts customers using search queries such as ‘rubbish removal in london’ or ‘waste elimination in cardiff. ‘ These clients can subsequently use our website to request a quote from you. 


Furthermore, whenever Waste company appears at the peak of the search engine results, your public profile will be promoted as well.  Being associated with our website means your public profile will rank higher than most other small business websites.


Last, your profile will accumulate genuine reviews that are observable to all prospective clients.  Word of mouth and frank reviews are one of the best ways to cultivate your reputation on the internet and also to generate trust with clients.


We are also actively advertising through sponsorships, which further boosts our visibility and name.


We make running your business easier

We are here to help you whenever you need us.  We aim to spare you from the burden of digital marketing, which lets you focus more on providing value to clients through quality rubbish removal solutions.


The waste company app

Members may enjoy the advantages of the waste company app such as gathering and responding to leads, submitting quotes to clients, and maintaining your public profile updated all from your mobile phone.


Receive lead alarms directly through the app the moment a new lead arrives, then respond to the customer right via the app or phone, text, or even email them.  We make it easier for you to do exactly what you do best. 

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