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Laboratories Waste Removal Barrow-in-Furness

Looking for a single vendor to handle all waste flows? With more than 30years of experience serving university hospitals, labs and medical research facilities, waste company is focused on delivering solutions which make sense from many standpoints of security, sustainability, cost effectiveness and compliance.


Industry specialists in the regulatory compliance and governance of collecting, transporting and handling most hazardous and nonhazardous waste flows including gmo, clinical, anatomical and chemical waste, waste company eliminates the demand for multiple sellers.  With a range of engineered containment systems which have been developed in partnership with health care professionals to achieve optimum security, indestructibility, liquid containment and movement efficiency, and a comprehensive national service design that allows customised solutions for every centre we operate with… we don’t just deliver an efficient and compliant waste service, we provide a partnership which radically optimises the security, labour,cost efficiencies and green ratings of your facility.


Our Waste Management Approach Barrow-in-Furness


Our waste service approach for labs includes:


  • managing costs associated with sharps, gmo, anatomical, cytotoxic, pharmaceutical and chemical waste
  • delivering compliance experience in the handling and transport of hazardous wastes
  • running a complete needs analysis to understand your centre and some other factors affecting collection, storage or transfer of waste


  • supplying comprehensive training and instruction platforms to make sure all staff who come into contact with waste are also informed
  • delivering an end-to-end commitment to sustainability and compliance, and monitoring performance and costs throughout the contract lifetime



Needle exchange solutions Barrow-in-Furness


safe and dependable sharps exchange services. With over three decades ‘ expertise in health care, Waste company offers the safest sharps disposal products and options for needle exchange services.  With products designed to securely protect the public from unnecessary exposure to used sharps, and services performed by experienced technicians, waste company puts public safety .  


When we talk about sharps disposal we’re on our a-game! Local governments throughout the united kingdom use a network of pharmacies, and occasionally gps, to supply safe needle exchange services to the public.  These services provide sterile injecting equipment and a secure disposal site to keep the spread of infection or risk of harm.   You may be wondering how our procedure with needle exchange providers work — it’s pretty simple!  We start by knowing how your particular needle exchange service operates, and from there, we develop a full solution plan combining product, support, and training that fulfils your facility’s needs and support frequency. We can offer two options for needle exchange centres which may be traded at a frequency appropriate for your centre:


Why Use Waste Company For Your Waste Disposals

our industry-leading 14, 22 and 32litre waste company reusable sharps containment system1-4litre only use needle containers. We all understand that needle exchange is a high-risk waste stream that is highly controlled, and we would like to safeguard you with the safest options.  The waste company reusable sharps container is clinically-designed and proven to be the most powerful sharps container on the market. Not only does this container minimise risk of disease and decrease single-use plastics going to landfill, it’s also in compliance with iso 23907regarding sharps injury prevention. The waste company container was created with impenetrable plastic, a leakproof seal, and both temporary and permanent locks.  When it comes to needle exchange solutions — pick waste company for our radically secure innovation and service. As well as our sharps management service, we now work youtube creating bespoke blended-learning education packages designed to drive compliance, segregation and price outcomes;an act of support which sets us apart from other waste management companies.

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