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Is your office cluttered, making it  ineffective and hard to work in?  Are you currently really doing an office update and you’re  not sure how to eliminate all of the old things you no longer need?  Don ‘t hire a  skip, call on our man and van office clearance experts, and leave the whole  thing to them.  our rubbish removal teams are available all across the uk, so  there is always someone near at hand to come to your aid, and they take all the  hard work out of office clearance, junk and bulky waste removal.  what’s more,  they can clear a single office or a whole office building, and dispose of all  the contents responsibly and ethically, keeping any disruption to your business  as brief as possible.  Whether you are a sole trader, a commercial landlord, a  small, medium or large enterprise, you can trust our waste removal teams to do  a great job, with best prices guaranteed.


Everything else  will be removed and either sent for refurbishment and re-use (with your  permission), or recycling.  electronic and electrical items will be disposed of in accordance with weee (waste electrical and electronic  equipment) regulations. 


What we can take


We can remove practically anything that you  would normally find in an office environment:

furniture – desks, cupboards, lockers, office chairs, easy chairs, sofas, tables, book cases…

electronic equipment – computers, monitors, printers, modems, fax machines, photocopiers, televisions, display boards…

electrical goods – vending machines, coffee machines, shredders…

soft furnishings – carpets, curtains, blinds, cushions…

general waste – paper, glass, plastics, junk and rubbish…

all you need to do is to indicate precisely  what it is you need our teams to remove – from a single sofa to an entire room  or office building contents – and they will get on with the job.


What we can’t take


it can be surprising what ends up at an  office clearance.  Our waste carriers are licensed from the environment agency to take waste materials, and under the conditions of that  permit, some materials are illegal (usually on the grounds of possible health and safety issues).

We can’t remove toxic waste, medical waste  (potential biohazard), asbestos and asbestos products, flammable substances  (e.g. butane and propane canisters) or most chemicals.  If your office holds any  of these substances, you will need to contact specialist hazardous waste  removal contractors in order to dispose of such items.



Licensed, insured & ethical Barrow-in-Furness


We are a uk-wide network of local, independent rubbish clearance and  removal teams, and for your (and their own) protection, we insist that they  carry full public liability and employee liability  insurance cover.  This means that in the unlikely event that things go wrong, everyone  is covered.  Our teams also hold the relevant environment agency licenses to  enable them to legally carry waste items.  one thing you can be certain of –  unlike some rogue operators who appear in the press from time to time, not a  single item that we take away from your office will end up being illegally  dumped or fly-tipped.

 Because all our rubbish collection teams are independent operators, they  are able to offer total flexibility on service levels and pricing, which means  you can shop around to get the best possible deal available in your local  area.


Of all the materials and objects that our waste carriers will remove  from your office, we are pleased to say that only 10% of them typically will  find their way into landfill.  on average, 90% of the items can either be handed  on to people who can refurbish and reuse them, or will be fed into the  appropriate recycling stream, so that the individual materials can be put back  into use.  This is a major achievement, and one that we are very proud of. 


How long will an office clearance take?


Our  man and van rubbish removal teams are efficient workers, and they will always  endeavour to work quickly and with minimal disruption to your business.   However, clearing junk does take time, especially if the office is at the top  of a building with lots of stairs to climb.

As  a rule of thumb, a single item can usually be removed within half an hour, a  total office clearance can take a whole day or even more if it is unusually  cluttered.  ask our teams for a free quotation along with a projected timescale  if you are unsure.

 Once  you have received and accepted a quote for your office clearance, our teams can  often begin clearing within one day, which means that you don’t have long to  wait to get started.



Your skip hire option Barrow-in-Furness


Our  office clearance teams just charge for the items that they eliminate, unlike skip  hire, which will be charged at a fixed quantity for a determined length of time.

 Pitching office furniture (especially desks and cupboards) to a jump is wasteful of  space – you might end up needing to bring in a different one to cope with a complete office suite of furniture.  Exactly what ‘s more, the furniture is likely to be scratched  and damaged which makes it harder to refurbish and reuse.  Our waste carriers  will fill each item with care, mindful that it can be possible to reuse it  directly away.


A  skip has to be sited somewhere convenient (not always easy in a town environment) and will need a permit.  Our van and man waste carriers will turn  up on the day at a suitable vehicle, which can often be pushed into spaces that  could be unsuitable for a jump, then load up and move – no permits required.


If  you decide to use a dumpster, you will need someone to carry all of the things for it,  which can be hard work, especially if you are not on the ground floor.  If you don’t intend to do it yourself, then you will need to employ someone.  Our waste carriers will  do all of the hard work for you, and even clear up after themselves so that you ‘re not  left with a mess.

 Employing waste company makes perfect sense

when  you examine all of the advantages and disadvantages, it truly does make perfect sense from a  fiscal, ecological and convenience point of view to educate us the next  time you are searching for help with clearing out your office.


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